NTRS Search Tips

Start Your Search

  • Search the combined full text and metadata of documents from the Basic Search screen. Use Advanced Search to define more precise search criteria and to limit results by various categories.
  • Use quotes to search for exact phrases (e.g., “space shuttle“) or use the Advanced Search and select “Exact Phrase” from the first drop-down menu.
  • Use an asterisk ( * ) as a wild card to expand term searching (e.g., comput* searches for computation, computational, computer, computers, computerization, etc.).
  • Retain hyphens in words that commonly use them (e.g., x-ray).
  • Search for author in several ways (e.g., Armstrong, Neil or Armstrong, N.).
  • Find multiple authors in one search by using last names only (e.g., Armstrong Aldrin).

Refine Your Search

On the Search Results screen, the right column offers several refinement options including Additional Keywords, Date/Date Range, Collection, Author, Availability Type, Document Type, NASA Center, Subject Category and Subject Terms.

  • Additional Keywords allows you to refine your results by specifying keywords within selected fields. Available fields are displayed in the drop-down menu. [Note that results are ranked by relevancy when searching the Title, Abstract, Subject Terms, Full Text, and All fields.]
  • Collection, Author, Availability Type, Document Type, NASA Center, Subject Category, and Subject Terms allow you to progressively refine your results by browsing and selecting content features.
  • Click red triangles to browse and select available values. Selecting a value will narrow your search.
  • Click the [X] next to any value to exclude that item from your search.
  • The Author, Subject Category, and Subject Terms refinement options include a scrolling box with the top 25 terms contained in your results set. You can refine your search by selecting one of these terms or use the search box just above the list to find additional terms.
  • The “Concept Cloud” (located next to the “Records” tab in the search results column) provides a visual representation of the keywords in the results set. You may further refine your search by selecting a term from the Concept Cloud, and then clicking back on the Records tab to display the results.

Get Your Document

  • If you are having trouble opening PDF files, please try the following to save the PDF file to your local machine.
    • Right click on the link of the PDF file
    • Choose the “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” option
    • Save the file to your desktop or a folder, renaming the file with a .PDF extension, if necessary (your browser may not automatically save files as .PDF)
    • Open the file locally with your Adobe software
  • No full text online? Visit About NTRS for information about acquiring documents.
  • For further assistance in searching NTRS, ordering documents and videos, and questions about the imagery from the NIX collection, visit the NASA STI Information Desk page for ways to make contact.