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02 Aerodynamics

Includes aerodynamics of flight vehicles, test bodies, airframe components and combinations, wings, and control surfaces. Also includes aerodynamics of rotors, stators, fans, and other elements of turbomachinery. For related information see also 34 Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.


Aerodynamics – The science that deals with the motion of air and other gaseous fluids and with the forces acting on bodies when the bodies move through such fluids or when such fluids move against or around the bodies. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All information dealing with the effects of relative motion on the flow of air or other gases and vapors, at any velocity, over aircraft, air cushion vehicles, land transportation vehicles, spacecraft, launch vehicles, missiles, and their components; over geometric shapes of models used in laboratory and wind tunnel tests, e.g., cones, plates, shells, spheres, and cylinders; flow over rotors and other turbomachine elements; forces acting on bodies in aerodynamic flow, including aerodynamic lift and drag.

Selective Interest : Aerodynamics of ground support equipment for aerospace research, results of aerodynamic testing for these effects, or the aerodynamics of surface structures.

Negative Interest : Aerodynamics of ships and bridges.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • aerodynamic derivatives
  • aerodynamic flow fields
  • aerodynamic heating
  • aerodynamic noise (airframe generated)
  • aerodynamic studies of skin friction
  • aerodynamic wakes
  • aerodynamics of protuberances and substructures
  • aeroelasticity (theory)
  • aerothermodynamics
  • air cushion vehicle aerodynamics
  • air flow separation
  • air launched weapons (aerodynamics)
  • aircraft aerodynamics
  • airfoil aerodynamics
  • airship aerodynamics
  • autogyro aerodynamics
  • balloon aerodynamics
  • boundary layer aerodynamics
  • boundary layer flow (aerodynamics)
  • buffeting
  • canard aerodynamics
  • cascade aerodynamics
  • compressible flow (aerodynamics)
  • control surface aerodynamics
  • Coriolis forces (aerodynamics)
  • drag reduction (effects and techniques)
  • exit aerodynamics
  • glider aerodynamics
  • ground effect machine aerodynamics
  • helicopter aerodynamics
  • high speed aerodynamics
  • hovercraft aerodynamics
  • hypersonic aerodynamics
  • inlet aerodynamics
  • internal flow in turbomachinery (theory)
  • laminar flow (aerodynamics)
  • land transportation vehicles (aerodynamics)
  • launch vehicle aerodynamics (for specific launch vehicles see 15 Launch Vehicles and Space Vehicles)
  • lifting body aerodynamics
  • lighter-than-air craft (balloons, airships) aerodynamics
  • low speed aerodynamics
  • missile aerodynamics
  • parachute aerodynamics
  • propeller aerodynamics
  • reentry vehicle aerodynamics
  • riblets (aerodynamics)
  • rocket aerodynamics (for specific rockets see 15 Launch Vehicles and Space Vehicles)
  • Rogallo wing aerodynamics
  • rotary wing aircraft aerodynamics
  • rotor aerodynamics
  • sailplane aerodynamics
  • sonic boom (aerodynamically generated)
  • spacecraft aerodynamics (for specific spacecraft see 18 Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance)
  • stabilization surfaces (aerodynamics)
  • STOL aerodynamics
  • subsonic aerodynamics
  • supercritical airfoils
  • supercritical wings
  • supersonic aerodynamics
  • transitional flow (aerodynamics)
  • transonic aerodynamics
  • turbulent flow (aerodynamics)
  • ultralight aircraft (aerodynamics)
  • unsteady flow (aerodynamics)
  • VSTOL aerodynamics
  • VTOL aerodynamics
  • wakes (effects of turbulent flow behind aircraft)
  • wind tunnel tests (aerodynamics)
  • wing aerodynamics