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06 Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation

Includes all avionics systems, cockpit and cabin display devices, and flight instruments intended for use in aircraft. For related information see also 04 Aircraft Communications and Navigation; 08 Aircraft Stability and Control; 19 Spacecraft Instrumentation and Astrionics; and 35 Instrumentation and Photography.


Aircraft Instrumentation – Any electronic or mechanically-based instrument or instrument system designed for detecting, measuring, displaying, recording, telemetering, processing, or analyzing different values or quantities encountered in the flight of an aircraft; often supporting the general control of the aircraft. Adapted from the Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use. Wm. H. Allen, ed., 1965. NASA SP-7.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Design, arrangement, installation, and use of aviation electronics and devices for detecting, measuring, displaying, recording, telemetering, processing, or analyzing values or quantities characterizing the flight environment, vehicle state, or other phenomena encountered in aircraft flight.

Selective Interest : Instruments or displays and off-the-shelf equipment from other transportation media that could be transferred to, or modified for, aircraft use.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • airborne computers
  • airborne radar displays
  • aircraft control computer systems
  • aircraft instrumentation
  • aircraft systems monitoring instruments
  • airspeed indicators
  • alarm systems (aircraft)
  • altimeters (aircraft)
  • analyzing devices (aircraft)
  • anticollision devices
  • attitude indicators (aircraft)
  • avionics
  • blind flying instruments
  • cathode ray tubes (aircraft systems)
  • cockpit display devices
  • cockpit voice recorders (aircraft)
  • compasses
  • control position indicators (aircraft)
  • detecting devices (aircraft)
  • display devices (aircraft)
  • engine fuel quantity gages
  • engine oil pressure gages
  • engine oil temperature gages
  • engine propulsion system instruments and gages
  • engine RPM indicators
  • fire control radar
  • fire warning systems
  • flight control computer systems
  • flight instruments (aircraft)
  • flight recorders (aircraft)
  • fluid flow sensors (aircraft)
  • gyroscopes (aircraft)
  • heads-up displays (aircraft)
  • horizon sensors (aircraft)
  • infrared sensors (aircraft)
  • instrument arrangement (aircraft)
  • instrument design (aircraft)
  • instrument displays (aircraft)
  • instrument installation (aircraft)
  • instrument landing systems (ILS)
  • landing gear position indicators (aircraft)
  • laser altimeters (aircraft)
  • laser instruments (aircraft)
  • Mach meters
  • navigation instruments (design and development)
  • onboard computer systems for aircraft
  • pilot support systems (aircraft)
  • position indicators (aircraft)
  • power plant instruments and gages (aircraft)
  • propulsion system instruments and gages (aircraft)
  • rate of climb indicators
  • recording devices (aircraft)
  • sensors for aircraft equipment and operation
  • skin temperature indicators (aircraft)
  • stall indicators
  • target acquisition
  • target-signature modeling (aircraft)
  • telemetry devices (aircraft)
  • terrain clearance indicators
  • turn and bank indicators
  • warning systems (aircraft)