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07 Aircraft Propulsion and Power

Includes primary propulsion systems and related systems and components, e.g., gas turbine engines, compressors, and fuel systems; and onboard auxiliary power plants for aircraft. For related information see also 20 Spacecraft Propulsion and Power; 28 Propellants and Fuels; and 44 Energy Production and Conversion.


Aircraft Propulsion – The action or process of imparting motion to an aircraft by means of a force such as a thrust of air or energy released by burning fuel. Adapted from the NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Aircraft Power Supplies – Electric power sources for the normal operation of aircraft. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All air-breathing engines and chemical, electric, hybrid, magnetohydrodynamic, or other types of energy conversion devices suitable for propulsion of aircraft or to provide a source of energy or power for the aircraft or its systems.

Selective Interest : Engines, rockets, and power conversion devices from other applications if readily convertible to aircraft use.

Negative Interest : Conventional, stationary power sources, and propulsion units for land and sea vehicles not modified for aircraft use.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • aerodynamic noise (propulsion systems)
  • afterburner controls
  • afterburners (aircraft engines)
  • airbreathing engines (aircraft)
  • aircraft engine design
  • aircraft engine maintenance
  • aircraft engine performance
  • aircraft engine simulation
  • aircraft engine testing
  • aircraft engines
  • aircraft fuel systems
  • aircraft hydraulic systems (power)
  • aircraft pneumatic systems (power)
  • aircraft power systems
  • aircraft propellers
  • aircraft propulsion system components
  • aircraft propulsion systems
  • auxiliary power systems (aircraft)
  • auxiliary power units (APU) (aircraft)
  • bird ingestion (aircraft engines)
  • bypass jet engines
  • carburetors (aircraft engines)
  • centrifugal compressors (aircraft)
  • chemical propulsion engines (aircraft)
  • combustors (aircraft)
  • compression ignition engines (aircraft)
  • compressors (aircraft engines)
  • cooling systems (aircraft engines)
  • diesel engines (aircraft)
  • diffusers (aircraft engines)
  • ejectors (aircraft)
  • electric power systems (aircraft)
  • electric power units (aircraft)
  • electric propulsion systems (aircraft)
  • engine control systems (aircraft)
  • engine ingestion
  • engine noise (aircraft)
  • engine noise suppressors (aircraft)
  • exhaust systems (aircraft engines)
  • exit controls (aircraft engines)
  • fan jet engines
  • foreign object ingestion (aircraft engines)
  • fuel distribution pumps (aircraft)
  • fuel distribution systems (aircraft)
  • fuel injection systems (aircraft)
  • fuel system components (aircraft)
  • fuel systems (aircraft)
  • fuel tanks (aircraft)
  • gas turbine engines (aircraft)
  • gasoline engines (aircraft)
  • injection systems (aircraft engines)
  • inlet controls (aircraft engines)
  • inlets (aircraft)
  • internal combustion engines (aircraft)
  • jet engines
  • noise reduction (aircraft engines)
  • nozzles (aircraft)
  • nuclear engines (aircraft)
  • nuclear propulsion systems (aircraft)
  • piston engines (aircraft)
  • pneumatic systems (aircraft propulsion and power)
  • propellers (tractor, pusher, contrarotating, propfan)
  • propulsion system components (aircraft)
  • propulsion systems (aircraft)
  • pulse detonation engines
  • pulsejet engines
  • pumps (aircraft engines and fuel systems)
  • quiet engines (aircraft)
  • ramjet engines (aircraft)
  • reciprocating engines (aircraft)
  • rocket engines (aircraft)
  • rotary engines (aircraft)
  • scramjet engines (aircraft)
  • spark ignition engines (aircraft)
  • Stirling cycle engines (aircraft)
  • superchargers (aircraft engines)
  • throttle controls (aircraft)
  • thrust reverser controls
  • thrust reversers (aircraft engines)
  • turbine blade cooling
  • turbine blade vibration
  • turbines (aircraft engines)
  • turbofan engines
  • turboprop engines
  • turborocket engines (aircraft)
  • wind tunnel tests (propulsion systems)