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09 Research and Support Facilities (Air)

Includes airports, runways, hangars, and aircraft repair and overhaul facilities; wind tunnels, water tunnels, and shock tubes; flight simulators; and aircraft engine test stands. Also includes airport ground equipment and systems. For airport ground operations see 03 Air Transportation and Safety. For astronautical facilities see 14 Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space).


Facility – 1. A physical plant such as real estate and improvements thereto (including buildings and equipment) which provides the means of assisting or making easier the performance of a function. 2. Any part or adjunct of a physical plant, or any item of equipment which is an operating entity and which contributes or can contribute to the execution of a function by providing some specific kind of operating action or operation. A Compendium of Authenticated Logistics Terms and Definitions. Fred Gluck, ed. Department of the Air Force, 1970.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All facilities and equipment associated with airports and airways; tracking and communications installations; and test facilities and simulators of direct interest to aeronautical activities, including wind tunnels, shock tubes, and test stands.

Selective Interest : Research, development, and test laboratories having potential interest to aeronautics activities; specialized equipment to generate unusual or extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, stress and strain, etc.

Negative Interest : Administrative and housekeeping functions at supporting facilities, commonly available off-the-shelf instrumentation and equipment systems, and commercial equipment not developed specifically for aeronautical use.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • aircraft ground handling equipment
  • aircraft servicing equipment
  • airport access
  • airport lighting
  • airport planning
  • airports and airways
  • altitude test facilities
  • checkout facilities (aircraft)
  • checkout systems (aircraft)
  • clean rooms (aircraft manufacturing and test facilities)
  • control towers
  • crash test facilities
  • development facilities (aircraft)
  • engine test stands (aircraft)
  • flight simulators (aircrew training and aircraft development)
  • ground support equipment (aircraft)
  • ground support facilities (aircraft)
  • ground support systems (aircraft)
  • ground support vehicles (aircraft)
  • hangar facilities
  • high temperature test facilities (aircraft)
  • low temperature test facilities (aircraft)
  • maintenance facilities (aircraft)
  • overhaul facilities (aircraft)
  • pressure test facilities (aircraft)
  • repair facilities (aircraft)
  • research facilities (aircraft)
  • runway approach lighting and markers
  • runway construction
  • runway lighting
  • runway surfaces and grooving
  • runways
  • shock tubes and tunnels
  • simulators (aircraft)
  • structures test facilities (aircraft)
  • support facilities (aircraft)
  • temperature test facilities (aircraft)
  • test facilities (aircraft)
  • tracking and communications installations (aircraft)
  • wind tunnel test facilities (aircraft)