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14 Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space)

Includes launch complexes, research and production facilities; ground support equipment, e.g., mobile transporters; and test chambers and simulators. Also includes extraterrestrial bases and supporting equipment. For related information see also 09 Research and Support Facilities (Air).


Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space) – That ground-based equipment, land, and buildings, including all implements, tools, and devices (mobile or fixed), required to inspect, test, adjust, calibrate, appraise, gage, measure, repair, overhaul, assemble, disassemble, transport, safeguard, record, store, or otherwise function in support of a rocket, space vehicle, or the like, either in the research and development, or in an operational phase, or in support of the guidance system used with the missile vehicle, or the like. Modified from the term Ground-Support Equipment. Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use. Wm. H. Allen, ed., 1965. NASA SP-7.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All information dealing with spaceports; launch towers; spacecraft and launch vehicle simulators; test facilities for spacecraft, launch vehicles and propulsion systems, and transporters; shuttlecraft landing facilities; ground-support equipment.

Selective Interest : Hangars, maintenance facilities, airports, airways, launch complexes, land transportation information that deals with transportation and safety to, from, and on launch complexes, and aerial navigation and tracking facilities when used in support of astronautical activities.

Negative Interest : Military mobile transporters and missile storage silos.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • accelerators (aerospace)
  • assembly buildings
  • astronaut training facilities
  • automatic picture transmission (APT) ground stations
  • block houses
  • checkout facilities (space)
  • checkout systems (space)
  • clean rooms (space)
  • deep space instrumentation facilities
  • development facilities (space)
  • electromagnetic launchers (facilities)
  • engine test blocks (space)
  • engine test stands (space)
  • extraterrestrial bases
  • flight simulators (space)
  • gravity simulators
  • ground support equipment (space)
  • ground support facilities (space)
  • ground support systems (space)
  • ground support vehicles (space)
  • high temperature test facilities (space)
  • laser range finder facilities
  • laser space communications facilities
  • launch complexes
  • launch facilities
  • launch pads and bases
  • launch towers
  • launch vehicle simulators
  • light gas guns (launch facilities)
  • low temperature test facilities (space)
  • lunar and planetary bases
  • lunar facilities construction
  • lunar gravity simulators
  • lunar roving vehicles
  • maintenance facilities (space based, ground based)
  • mobile lunar laboratories
  • mobile planetary laboratories
  • mobile transporters
  • optical tracking stations
  • overhaul facilities (space)
  • payload operations and support
  • planetary roving vehicles
  • pressure test facilities (space)
  • rail accelerators, railguns, launchers (applications)
  • range safety
  • recovery equipment and vehicles
  • remote launch monitoring facilities
  • repair facilities (space based, ground based)
  • research facilities (space)
  • rocket engine test pads
  • rocket sleds
  • rocket test facilities
  • rover vehicles
  • shuttlecraft landing facilities
  • simulators (space)
  • solar heating simulators
  • solar simulators
  • space facility for cryogenic materials
  • space research facilities
  • space simulators
  • space vacuum simulators
  • spacecraft maintenance facilities
  • spacecraft production facilities
  • spacecraft simulators
  • spaceport planning
  • spaceports
  • special vehicles (land, sea, air) (used as bases and for transportation or rescue of astronautics or astronautic-oriented equipment)
  • storage facilities for propellants and cryogenics
  • structures test facilities (space)
  • support facilities
  • surface exploration vehicles
  • temperature test facilities (space)
  • test facilities (space)
  • test range facilities
  • test ranges
  • umbilical towers
  • vacuum test facilities
  • wind tunnel test facilities (launch and space vehicles)
  • wind tunnel tests (launch and space vehicles)