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15 Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations

Includes all classes of launch vehicles, launch/space vehicle systems, and boosters; and launch operations. For related information see also 18 Spacecraft Design, Testing, and Performance; and 20 Spacecraft Propulsion and Power.


Launch Vehicles – Rockets or other vehicles used to transport satellites, space probes, or other payloads from the Earth (or other terrestrial surface) to space. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use. Wm. H. Allen, ed., 1965. NASA SP-7.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Design, research, development, testing, evaluation, and performance of any launch vehicle, combination of launch vehicle and space vehicle, launch system components, and all operating procedures and problems related to launch vehicles.

Negative Interest : Design, performance, and effects of military weapons and warheads delivered by launch vehicle; pyrotechnic rockets used for displays and festivals.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • air launched vehicles
  • boosters (launch vehicles)
  • combinations of launch vehicles and space vehicles
  • commercial launch vehicles
  • countdown
  • design of launch vehicles, tanks, components, systems
  • electromagnetic launchers (operations)
  • launch operations
  • launch vehicle auxiliary systems
  • launch vehicle configurations
  • launch vehicle design
  • launch vehicle dynamics
  • launch vehicle performance
  • launch vehicle preparation
  • launch vehicle stability
  • launch vehicle testing
  • launch vehicles
  • light gas guns (operations)
  • multistage launch vehicles
  • nose cones
  • orbit-on-demand vehicles
  • reentry launch vehicles
  • reusable vehicles
  • rocket launchers
  • rockets
  • satellite launching dynamics
  • separation and staging techniques (for stages of launch vehicles)
  • single-stage launch vehicles
  • sounding rockets