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16 Space Transportation and Safety

Includes passenger and cargo space transportation, e.g., shuttle operations; and space rescue techniques. For related information see also 03 Air Transportation and Safety; 15 Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations; and 18 Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance. For space suits see 54 Man/System Technology and Life Support.


Space Transportation – The conveyance of payloads or personnel to, through, or from outer space. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All information dealing with crew and payload space transportation; flight safety; rescue operations and techniques. Systems specific to ground operations, maintenance and support, and launch complex construction are covered in 14 Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space).


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • accidents and emergencies (spacecraft)
  • cargo handling (spacecraft)
  • cargo transportation (spacecraft)
  • commercial spaceflight (operations)
  • escape systems (spacecraft)
  • explosions (spacecraft)
  • extravehicular activity (EVA) (operations)
  • fire (spacecraft)
  • flight safety (spacecraft)
  • orbiting maneuvering vehicles
  • parachutes (spacecraft applications)
  • passenger handling (space transportation)
  • passenger transportation (space)
  • Payload Assist Module (PAM) assist
  • payload delivery (space transportation)
  • payload handling (space transportation)
  • payload retrieval (space transportation)
  • recovery of spacecraft
  • restraint harness (spacecraft)
  • safety systems (spacecraft)
  • search and rescue operations (space)
  • shoulder harness (spacecraft)
  • space debris (spaceflight hazard)
  • space flight commercialization
  • space flight hazards
  • space operation emergencies
  • space rescue
  • space shuttle operations
  • space transportation
  • spacecraft ditching
  • spacecraft health management
  • spacecraft retrieval
  • survival (space operations)