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26 Metals and Metallic Materials

Includes physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of metals and metallic materials; and metallurgy.


Metallic Materials – Materials that are like metal; having the properties of metal; containing or consisting of metal.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Physical, chemical, and mechanical properties; testing, evaluation, and protection of metals, alloys, and related compositions for use in aircraft, rockets, launch vehicles, space vehicles, reentry vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft propulsion systems, and supporting facilities (other than conventional building structural materials).

Selective Interest : Research and development on metallic materials that have potential aerospace applications.

Negative Interest : Routine developments of structural metallic materials for use in housing, heavy industry, and earthbound transportation, unless a potential exists for aerospace use.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • alloys
  • anodizing
  • cermets
  • chemical properties of alloys
  • chemical properties of metals
  • compression strength (metallic materials)
  • corrosion
  • creep strength (metallic materials)
  • crystal structure (metallic materials)
  • crystals (metallic)
  • development of alloys
  • eutectics
  • eutectoids
  • evaluation of alloys
  • evaluation of metals
  • fatigue (metallic materials)
  • ferrites
  • fibers (metallic materials)
  • flammability (metallic materials)
  • heat treatment of metals
  • hydrogen embrittlement
  • intermetallics
  • mechanical properties of alloys
  • mechanical properties of metals
  • metal crystals
  • metallic fibers
  • metallic materials
  • metallography
  • metallurgy
  • metals
  • microstructure of welded joints
  • offgassing/outgassing (metallic materials)
  • packing (metallic materials)
  • phase equilibrium
  • physical properties of alloys
  • physical properties of metals
  • powder metallurgy
  • protection of alloys
  • protection of materials (metallic)
  • protective coatings (metallic materials)
  • refractory materials
  • reinforcing filaments (metallic materials)
  • research on metallic materials
  • sealants (metallic materials)
  • shear strength (metallic materials)
  • sintering (metallic materials)
  • stress corrosion cracking
  • surface hardening of metals
  • surface properties (metallic materials)
  • tensile strength (metallic materials)
  • testing of alloys
  • testing of materials (metallic materials)
  • vacuum arc melting
  • welded joints (microstructure)
  • whiskers (metallic materials)