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28 Propellants and Fuels

Includes rocket propellants, igniters, and oxidizers; their storage and handling procedures; and aircraft fuels. For nuclear fuels see 73 Nuclear Physics. For related information see also 07 Aircraft Propulsion and Power; 20 Spacecraft Propulsion and Power; and 44 Energy Production and Conversion.


Propellants – Any agent used for consumption or combustion in rockets and from which the rockets derive their thrust such as fuels, oxidizers, additives, catalysts, or any compounds or mixtures of these. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Fuels – Any substance used to produce heat, either by chemical or nuclear reaction, as used, e.g., in a heat engine. NASA Aeronautical Dictionary. Frank Davis Adams, ed., 1959.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Physical, chemical, and mechanical properties; testing, evaluation, storage and handling procedures of rocket propellants and aircraft fuels. For facilities to store or handle fuels or propellants see 09 Research and Support Facilities (Air); and 14 Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space).

Selective Interest : Research and development of fuels and propellants for earthbound transportation systems and power production that have potential aerospace applications.

Negative Interest : Routine developments of fuels for marine, automotive, home heating, heavy industry, and other earthbound applications.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • aircraft fuels
  • boiloff
  • boron-based fuels
  • burning rates
  • catalysts (propellants)
  • chemical properties of propellants and fuels
  • combustion characteristics (propellants and fuels)
  • combustion controllability (propellants and fuels)
  • combustion in microgravity (propellants and fuels)
  • combustion instability (propellants and fuels)
  • combustion kinetics (propellants and fuels)
  • combustion of propellants and fuels
  • combustion products
  • cryogenic propellants
  • decomposition (propellants and fuels)
  • development of propellants and fuels
  • evaluation of propellants and fuels
  • exotic propellants and fuels
  • explosives
  • flames and flame propagation (propellants and fuels)
  • fluorine/oxygen propellants
  • fuels
  • gelled propellants and fuels
  • handling of propellants and fuels
  • high energy propellants and fuels
  • hybrid propellants and fuels
  • hydrazine propellants
  • hydrides
  • hydrogen propellants and fuels
  • hypergolic propellants
  • igniters (propellants)
  • ignition studies (propellants and fuels)
  • jet engine fuels
  • kerosene based fuels
  • liquid fuels
  • liquid hydrogen (propellants and fuels)
  • liquid oxygen (propellants and fuels)
  • liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • liquid propellants
  • lithergolic propellants
  • manufacture of propellants
  • mechanical properties of propellants and fuels
  • metal based propellants and fuels
  • monopropellants
  • nitrate based propellants and fuels
  • oxidizers
  • physical properties of propellants and fuels
  • piston engine fuels
  • propellant grains
  • propellant storage
  • propellants
  • pyrotechnics
  • rocket propellants
  • service life of propellants and fuels
  • solid propellant curing
  • solid propellants
  • space storable propellants
  • storage of propellants and fuels
  • testing of propellants and fuels
  • thermal characteristics
  • thixotropic propellants
  • vaporization of propellants and fuels