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29 Space Processing

Includes space-based development of materials, compounds, and processes for research or commercial application. Also includes the development of materials and compounds in simulated reduced-gravity environments. For legal aspects of space commercialization see 84 Law, Political Science and Space Policy.


Space Processing – Synthesis, processing, forming, and fabrication of compounds or materials in space or in a simulated space environment; normally involving techniques that exploit low-gravity or high-vacuum conditions.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All aspects of space processing including the effects of space or simulated space environments on the chemical, structural, and physical properties of materials and compounds as related to manufacturing or processing in space.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • alloy formation (space processing)
  • biological materials (space processing)
  • composite material formation (space processing)
  • containerless processing
  • crystal growth (space processing)
  • electrophoresis operations in space (EOS)
  • fluids behavior (space processing)
  • glass formation (space processing)
  • macromolecular crystallography (space processing)
  • materials processing in space
  • materials separation in space
  • microgravity (space processing)
  • multiphase materials processing in space
  • pharmaceutical preparation (space processing)
  • polymers (space processing)
  • reduced gravity effects (materials)
  • space based equipment for space processing
  • space commercialization (space processing)
  • space processing of materials