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32 Communications and Radar

Includes radar; radio, wire, and optical communications; land and global communications; communications theory. For related information see also 04 Aircraft Communications and Navigation; and 17 Space Communications, Spacecraft Communications, Command and Tracking; for search and rescue, see 03 Air Transportation and Safety; and 16 Space Transportation and Safety.


Communications – A field of specialization covering radio, optical, and wire transmission and receipt of information, and related electronic devices and their uses. Adapted from the United States Air Force Dictionary. Woodford Agee Heflin, ed. Princeton, NJ: D. Van Nostrand, Co., Inc.

Radar – Radio detection and ranging, i.e., a method, system or technique of using beamed, reflected and timed radio waves for detecting, locating or tracking objects (such as rockets), for measuring altitude, etc., in any of various activities, such as air traffic control or guidance. The electronic equipment or apparatus used to generate, transmit, receive, and usually, to display radio scanning or locating waves; a radar set. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use. Wm. H. Allen, ed., 1965. NASA SP-7.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All equipment, techniques, and applications specifically intended for the transmittal of data, voice communications, code, or other intelligence to, from, or between aircraft, scientific and communications satellites, launch vehicles, manned or unmanned spacecraft, lunar and planetary bases; ground based tracking and communication stations; tracking and data acquisition networks; telemetry theory and techniques related to aerospace experiments.

Selective Interest : Earthbased communications techniques and theory of potential interest for aerospace applications.

Negative Interest : Commercial telephone, teletype, television, and radio operations unless directly related to aerospace communications; courier and messenger service.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • antenna design
  • antenna radiation patterns
  • antenna theory
  • communications (general)
  • communications blackouts (electromagnetic interference)
  • communications coding
  • communications equipment
  • communications interference
  • communications networks (theory and techniques)
  • communications noise
  • communications satellite operational problems
  • communications systems (theory and techniques)
  • communications techniques
  • communications theory
  • data transmission applications
  • data transmission development
  • data transmission equipment
  • data transmission research
  • data transmission techniques
  • digital communications systems (theory and techniques)
  • electromagnetic interference
  • electromagnetic radiation (communications)
  • electromagnetic wave propagation
  • electronic countermeasures
  • frequency assignment
  • global communications
  • ionospheric effects on radio transmission (communications)
  • ionospheric propagation (communications)
  • ionospheric scatter (communications)
  • ladar (application)
  • large deployable space antennas
  • laser communications
  • laser optical radar
  • lidar
  • man-machine communications (theory and techniques)
  • microwave communications systems (applications)
  • microwave radiation (properties)
  • microwave receivers (theory and techniques)
  • microwave techniques
  • microwave theory
  • microwave transmitters (theory and techniques)
  • modulation (signals)
  • networks (communications)
  • optical communications (applications)
  • phase shift keying (PSK)
  • phased array radar
  • radar (theory and techniques)
  • radar absorbing materials
  • radar antenna design
  • radar antennas (theory and techniques)
  • radar clutter
  • radar communications systems (theory and techniques)
  • radar detection (communications)
  • radar imagery (communications)
  • radar receivers (theory and techniques)
  • radar scattering
  • radar tracking systems (theory and techniques)
  • radar transmitters (theory and techniques)
  • radio (theory and techniques)
  • radio antenna design
  • radio antennas (theory and techniques)
  • radio communication systems (theory and techniques)
  • radomes (design)
  • satellite communications (earth communications)
  • satellite networks (earth communications)
  • side looking radar (theory and techniques)
  • signal analyzers
  • signal decoding
  • signal detection
  • signal encoding
  • signal generators (theory and techniques)
  • signal modulators
  • signal processing
  • speech analysis (electromagnetic aspects)
  • speech data compression (communications)
  • synthetic aperture radar
  • telemetry (theory and techniques)
  • television systems (aerospace applications)
  • transmitters (theory and techniques)
  • tropospheric scatter (electromagnetic effects)
  • voice communications
  • wave propagation (electromagnetic)
  • whistlers (electromagnetic)