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39 Structural Mechanics

Includes structural element design, analysis and testing; dynamic responses of structures; weight analysis; fatigue and other structural properties; and mechanical and thermal stresses in structures. For applications see 05 Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance; and 18 Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance.


Structural Mechanics – The mechanics of structures and the analysis of their behavior under thermal or mechanical loads by means of structural analysis and structural testing.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Theory, design, development and testing of structures and structural elements developed for use in aircraft, space vehicles, and launch vehicles; the static and dynamic responses of such structures.

Selective Interest : Theory, design, development, and testing of lightweight or unusual structures or structural elements of potential aerospace use.

Negative Interest : Structures of structural elements of conventional types utilized in bridges, buildings, ships, ocean platforms, heavy transportation, radio and microwave towers, and the like unless specifically aimed at aerospace use.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • acoustoelasticity
  • adhesive joints (structural stability)
  • aeroelasticity (structural flexibility)
  • beams (structures)
  • bending
  • bolted joints
  • bonded structures
  • buckling
  • columns
  • combined loads
  • compression
  • compression loads
  • compression strength (structural)
  • cones (structures)
  • crack propagation
  • cracks
  • cylinders (structures)
  • dynamic structural analysis
  • elasticity
  • energy
  • energy absorption (structures)
  • fatigue (structural)
  • filament wound structures (design and tests)
  • flutter (structural)
  • fracture mechanics
  • honeycomb structures
  • lightweight structural elements
  • lightweight structures
  • panels (structures)
  • photoelasticity
  • plasticity
  • plates (structural elements)
  • rings (structures)
  • riveted joints
  • sandwich structures
  • self assembling structures
  • shear loads
  • shear strength (structures)
  • shells (structures)
  • shock testing (structural analysis)
  • stress (structural)
  • stress analysis
  • structural analysis
  • structural design
  • structural elements
  • structural fatigue
  • structural health monitoring
  • structural mechanics
  • structural testing
  • structural theory
  • structural vibration effects
  • tensile strength (structures)
  • tension loads
  • thermal stress
  • thermoelasticity (structural materials)
  • trusses
  • vibration (structures)
  • vibration testing
  • viscoelasticity (structural materials)
  • wave propagation (structural response)
  • weight analysis
  • weld strength
  • welded structures