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42 Geosciences (General)

Includes general research topics related to the Earth sciences, and the specific areas of petrology, minerology, and general geology. For other specific topics in geosciences see categories 42 through 48.


Geosciences – Sciences that study the Earth, e.g., its structure, behavior, atmosphere, environment, and global systems.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Airborne and spaceborne surveys of the Earth and its resources; evaluation of data collected from such surveys; the Earth's structure and its behavior and global systems.

Selective Interest : Earth studies of potential interest to remote sensing or general planetology, or related to global systems.

Negative Interest : Earth studies having no relation to airborne or spaceborne surveys, to the Earth's structure, properties, or global systems, or to any aerospace science.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • craters (Earth)
  • Earth sciences
  • geology (general)
  • geosciences
  • minerals (petrology)
  • petrography
  • petrology