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43 Earth Resources and Remote Sensing

Includes remote sensing of earth features, phenomena and resources by aircraft, balloon, rocket, and spacecraft; analysis of remote sensing data and imagery; development of remote sensing products; photogrammetry; aerial photography; and hydrology. For related instrumentation see 35 Instrumentation and Photography.


Earth Resources – Power sources and renewable or nonrenewable materials occurring naturally on Earth. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Remote Sensing – The collection of information about an object or phenomena by a recording device that is not in physical contact with it. The term is usually restricted to mean the methods for, and activity of, recording features and phenomena of the Earth's surface from a remote platform or vehicle. Typically the methods used record reflected or radiated electromagnetic energy, such as radiometry, photometry, spectrometry, and photographic and radar techniques. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Remote sensing as conducted from the air or from space, supporting ground truth studies.

Selective Interest : Theory, studies, results, developments, mapping, photographic presentations, and the like resulting from and related to earth resources; the Earth's geothermal reservoirs and its solar energy base.

Negative Interest : Geology and geodesy of a routine, earthbound study unless for ground truth or related purposes.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • aerial photography
  • cartography
  • computer processing of Earth resources data
  • crop disease detection
  • crop forecasts
  • desertification
  • Earth resources
  • foliage sensing
  • forest fire detection
  • geodesy (remote sensing)
  • geological exploration
  • geological survey
  • geothermal resources
  • ground truth
  • hydrology
  • infrared imagery (remote sensing)
  • infrared signatures (earth resources)
  • LANDSAT (remote sensing applications)
  • limnology
  • littoral regions
  • mapping
  • mineral deposits
  • multispectral band scanners (remote sensing applications)
  • ocean color (remote sensing)
  • orography
  • petroleum deposits
  • photogrammetry
  • radar detection (earth resources)
  • radar imagery (remote sensing)
  • remote sensing of earth resources
  • satellite derived atmospheric profiles
  • satellite observation (remote sensing applications)
  • scatterometers (remote sensing applications)
  • SEASAT (remote sensing applications)
  • Shuttle Imaging Radar (earth resources)
  • side looking radar (earth resources)
  • signature analysis (earth resources)
  • snow and ice observations
  • sodar detection (remote sensing)
  • soil identification
  • thematic mapping
  • timber inventory
  • very long base interferometry (applications)
  • water resources