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47 Meteorology and Climatology

Includes weather observation forecasting and modification.


Meteorology – The study dealing with the phenomena of the atmosphere especially as they relate to weather and climate. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Climatology – Branch of meteorology that studies the average weather conditions and statistical variations for a specified region over an extended period of time. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Earthbound, air, and space observations and measurements of global meteorological conditions and phenomena; weather forecasting of particular interest to, and use by, the aerospace community; and meteorological and climatological satellite studies; unusual global weather systems and climate trends.

Selective Interest : Research and observations not related to aerospace activities, but contributing to a better understanding of weather and climatological problems.

Negative Interest : Routine, day-to-day local weather forecasting.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • anabatic winds
  • anemometers (applications)
  • atmospheric boundary layer (climatology)
  • atmospheric circulation (meteorology)
  • atmospheric cloud physics
  • atmospheric energy exchanges
  • atmospheric interactions
  • atmospheric studies (meteorological)
  • atmospheric turbulence
  • barometric pressure
  • catabatic winds (also katabatic)
  • clear air turbulence (meteorology)
  • climate change
  • climate models
  • climate prediction
  • climate variability
  • climatology
  • cloud cover analysis
  • cloud patterns
  • cloud seeding
  • clouds (meteorology)
  • Coriolis forces (meteorology)
  • cyclones
  • diurnal effects (meteorology)
  • el Nino
  • energy exchanges in the atmosphere
  • fog dissipation and formation
  • fronts (meteorology)
  • global meteorology
  • global warming
  • hurricanes
  • ice cover (climatology)
  • ice crystals (meteorology)
  • jet streams (meteorology)
  • katabatic winds (also catabatic)
  • la Nina
  • lightning
  • macrometeorology
  • meteorological anomalies
  • meteorological parameters
  • meteorological satellite studies
  • meteorological sounding rocket studies
  • meteorology
  • microbursts
  • micrometeorology
  • monsoons
  • precipitation (meteorology)
  • radiative forcing (climate effects)
  • rain
  • seasonal variations
  • snow
  • snow cover
  • solar-atmospheric interactions
  • storm cells
  • synoptic meteorology
  • temperature variations (meteorology)
  • thunderstorms
  • tornadoes
  • typhoons
  • weather forecasting
  • weather modification
  • wind
  • wind shear