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53 Behavioral Sciences

Includes psychological factors; individual and group behavior; crew training and evaluation; and psychiatric research.


Behavioral Sciences – Sciences such as psychology, sociology, or anthropology that deal with human action and aim to establish generalizations concerning man's behavior in society.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Behavior and psychological effects of aerospace environments on humans, alone or in groups; and the mental adaptation to flight in the Earth's atmosphere or in space.

Selective Interest : Mental and emotional effects of small group behavior, isolation, confinement, and the like as they might affect aerospace flight adaptation of man.

Negative Interest : Clinical psychology and psychiatry that would have little or no application to aerospace activities.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • astronaut health (psychological)
  • astronaut selection
  • aviation psychology
  • behavioral sciences
  • confinement (psychological effects, human)
  • crew evaluation
  • crew training
  • effects of radiation (psychological, human)
  • effects of stress (psychological, human)
  • fatigue (psychological, human)
  • flying training
  • group behavior
  • human behavior
  • isolation effects (psychological, human)
  • mental adaptation to flight
  • perception (psychological, human)
  • pilot performance
  • psychological effects of flight
  • psychological factors
  • sensory deprivation (psychological effects, human)
  • sleep deprivation (psychological effects, human)
  • social interaction
  • sociological research (psychology, human)
  • space adaptation (psychological effects, human)
  • space flight effects (psychological, human)
  • stress (psychological effects, human)
  • weightlessness effects (psychological, human)