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54 Man/System Technology and Life Support

Includes human factors engineering, bionics, man-machine systems, life support, space suits and protective clothing. For related information see also 16 Space Transportation; and 52 Aerospace Medicine.


Man-Machine System – A system in which the functions of the man and the machine are interrelated and necessary for the operation of the system. AGARD Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary, 1980.

Life Support System – That complex of equipment which provides for the maintained health, comfort, and security of a vehicle occupant. Usage excludes atmospheric control (environmental control) but includes provision of food and water, waste collection and disposal, escape and survival gear. AGARD Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary, 1980.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Equipment and systems specifically concerned with the human aspects of aeronautical and space flight.

Selective Interest : Equipment, systems, and life support from non-aerospace activities (other transportation systems, oceanography, mining, industry, and the like) that may have an application in the human aspects of aeronautical and space flight.

Negative Interest : Industrial- and transportation-related equipment, systems, etc. with no aerospace applications.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • bioengineering (man-machine systems)
  • bioinstrumentation (physiological monitoring)
  • bionics
  • cabin pressurization (life support)
  • closed ecological systems
  • diets (space missions)
  • extravehicular activity (EVA) (equipment)
  • farming in space (life support)
  • flight suits
  • food (space missions)
  • food preparation (space missions)
  • food storage (space missions)
  • helmets
  • human factors engineering
  • human productivity in space
  • life support
  • man-machine systems
  • manned maneuvering units
  • man-system interfaces
  • oxygen systems (life support)
  • pressurized cabins (life support)
  • protection measures (human)
  • protective clothing
  • quarantine procedures
  • radiation safety measures (physiological)
  • remote manipulator arms (human interface)
  • space cabin atmosphere
  • space cabin oxygen supplies
  • space cabin water supplies
  • space flight feeding
  • space habitats
  • space hygiene
  • space sanitation
  • space suits
  • spacecraft sterilization (interior)
  • teleoperators (human interface)
  • waste products conversion (aerospace vehicles)
  • waste products disposal (aerospace vehicles)
  • waste products storage (aerospace vehicles)
  • work place design