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60 Computer Operations and Hardware

Includes hardware for computer graphics, firmware and data processing. For components see 33 Electronics and Electrical Engineering. For computer vision see 63 Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


Computer Operations – The physical and procedural control of computers; also the electronic responses of a computer to instructions.

Computer Hardware – Electronic, optoelectronic, and electromechanical devices that make up a computer.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All computer hardware operations and specific hardware in use, under development, or in theory for use in aerospace flight; as test equipment for aerospace hardware, research, or development; for aerospace launch, takeoff, landing, flight control, or navigation.

Selective Interest : Computer operations and specific hardware for land or sea navigation; for transportation control systems; for industrial applications and testing or study purposes with a potential for aerospace application; and for machine tool control.

Negative Interest : Pocket calculators, desk calculators, and computer operations and hardware developed for routine operations such as banking, inventory control, production line control, and the like.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • analog computers
  • architecture (computers)
  • automatic data processors (ADP)
  • central processing unit (CPU)
  • computer buffers
  • computer display devices
  • computer graphics (hardware)
  • computer hardware
  • computer hardware design
  • computer interfacing equipment
  • computer manufacturing
  • computer memory devices
  • computer operations
  • computer peripheral equipment
  • computer printers
  • computer storage devices
  • computer storage techniques
  • computers (hardware)
  • data input devices
  • data processing
  • digital computers
  • digital storage devices
  • digital storage techniques
  • firmware
  • flash memory devices
  • hybrid computers
  • input devices
  • mainframes
  • mechanical computers
  • memory devices (computer)
  • microcomputers
  • minicomputers
  • modems
  • multiprocessors (hardware)
  • optical scanners (computer, peripheral equipment)
  • output devices (computers)
  • parallel processing (hardware)
  • personal computers
  • plotters
  • processors (hardware)
  • random access memories
  • read-only memories
  • remote input equipment
  • remote readout equipment
  • remote terminals
  • spaceborne computers
  • supercomputers