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66 Systems Analysis and Operations Research

Includes mathematical modeling of systems; network analysis; mathematical programming; decision theory; and game theory.


Systems Analysis – The examination of an activity, procedure, method, technique, or a business to determine what must be accomplished and how the necessary operations may best be accomplished. AGARD Glossary of Documentation Terms, Third Revision. H. A. Stolk, ed., 1968.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All systems analysis theory and all aerospace related practice, procedures, and applications.

Selective Interest : Systems analysis practice, procedures, and applications from transportation, manufacturing, communications, and scientific fields having potential interest for aerospace activities.

Negative Interest : Systems analysis and operations research related to business, banking, and management with no aerospace applications.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • decision theory
  • dynamic programming
  • game theory
  • linear programming
  • mathematical modeling (systems analysis)
  • mathematical programming
  • network analysis
  • operations research
  • optimization (mathematics)
  • queueing theory
  • systems analysis