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67 Theoretical Mathematics

Includes algebra, functional analysis, geometry, topology, set theory, group theory and number theory.


Theoretical Mathematics – A classificatory term referring to various specialized areas of mathematics and the logic and foundations of mathematics and other formal systems.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Mathematical theories applied to aerospace research.

Selective Interest : Mathematical theories with applications that may be of potential use for aerospace activities.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • Abelian groups
  • algebraic systems
  • Banach spaces
  • Boolean algebra
  • differential geometry
  • field theory (mathematics)
  • fractals
  • functional analysis
  • fuzzy sets
  • geometry
  • graph theory
  • group theory
  • Hamiltonian functions
  • Hilbert spaces
  • mathematical logic
  • mathematical theories
  • number theory
  • operator theory (mathematics)
  • parentology
  • Riemann surfaces
  • set theory
  • theoretical mathematics