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85 Technology Utilization and Surface Transportation

Includes aerospace technology transfer; urban technology; surface and mass transportation. For related information see also 03 Air Transportation and Safety; 16 Space Transportation and Safety; and 44 Energy Production and Conversion. For specific technology transfer applications see also the category where the subject is treated.


Urban Technology – The application of aerospace development to city problems.

Urban Transportation – The conveyance of, or means for conveying, people and goods in and around cities.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : NASA program spin-offs

Selective Interest : Surface and mass transportation that might serve NASA or provide improved transportation as a result of the NASA aerospace effort.

Negative Interest : Routine ship, railroad, bus, trucking, or automotive transportation.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • air cushion vehicles
  • electric vehicles
  • fresh water sources
  • global position system (surface navigation)
  • ground effect machines
  • hybrid vehicles
  • hydrofoil vehicles
  • land transportation vehicles (development and technology)
  • maglev vehicles
  • mass transportation
  • rapid transit systems
  • sewage disposal
  • space technology applications to urban problems
  • surface transportation
  • technology transfer
  • technology utilization
  • urban technology
  • urban transportation
  • waste products conversion (urban technology)
  • waste products disposal (urban technology)
  • waste treatment (development and technology)
  • water treatment (development and technology)