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89 Astronomy

Includes observations of celestial bodies; astronomical instruments and techniques; radio, gamma-ray, x-ray, ultraviolet, and infrared astronomy; and astrometry.


Astronomy – The science that treats of the location, magnitudes, motions, and constitution of celestial bodies and structures. The science now includes a number of specialized branches such as radio astronomy, X-ray astronomy, astrometry, astrophysics, celestial mechanics, and cosmology. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Except for astrophysics, all facets of astronomy including radio and gamma-ray astronomy, observations of celestial bodies, their structure, motions, and locations.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • asteroid belt
  • asteroids (observation)
  • astrometry
  • astronomical instruments
  • astronomy
  • binaries (observation)
  • black holes (observation)
  • celestial bodies (observation)
  • celestial motion (observation)
  • comets (observation)
  • discovery of celestial bodies
  • ephemerides of celestial bodies
  • extrasolar planets (observation)
  • galaxies (observation)
  • gamma-ray astronomy
  • Hubble telescope
  • identification of celestial bodies
  • infrared astronomy
  • infrared telescopes
  • JWST (James Webb Space Telescope)
  • Large Space Telescope
  • meteoroids (observation)
  • meteors (observation)
  • moons (observation)
  • natural satellites (observation)
  • nebulae (observation)
  • novae (observation)
  • observation of celestial bodies
  • observatories
  • occultation (astronomy)
  • optical telescope facilities
  • optical telescopes
  • planet location
  • pulsars (observation)
  • quasars (observation)
  • radar telescope and range finder facilities
  • radar telescopes
  • radio astronomy
  • radio telescope facilities
  • radio telescopes
  • spaceborne astronomy
  • spectroscopy (astronomy)
  • star trackers (observation)
  • stars (observation)
  • stellar spectroscopy
  • supernovae (observation)
  • telescopes (operation)
  • ultraviolet astronomy
  • x-ray astronomy
  • x-ray telescopes
  • zodiacal light