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90 Astrophysics

Includes cosmology; celestial mechanics; space plasmas; and interstellar and interplanetary gases and dust.


Astrophysics – Study of the physical characteristics and processes associated with celestial bodies and interstellar space. The application of the laws of physics to the study of the celestial bodies and astronomical phenomena such as luminosity, size, mass, density, temperature, and chemical composition. NASA Thesaurus, Washington, DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All facets of the physical properties of celestial bodies, interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic properties; data analysis and calculations of celestial mechanics. For planetary science see 91 Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • astrochemistry
  • astrophysics
  • binaries (astrophysics)
  • black holes (astrophysics)
  • celestial body orbits
  • celestial body physical properties
  • celestial body trajectories
  • celestial mechanics
  • cosmic dust
  • cosmic noise
  • cosmology
  • dark energy
  • dark matter
  • expansion of the universe
  • galactic evolution
  • galactic structure
  • galaxies (astrophysics)
  • galaxy clusters
  • gravitational collapse (astrophysics)
  • gravitational theory (astrophysics)
  • gravitational waves (astrophysics)
  • hydromagnetics (astrophysics)
  • intergalactic dust
  • intergalactic gases
  • intergalactic matter
  • interplanetary dust
  • interplanetary gases
  • interplanetary matter
  • interplanetary shock waves
  • interstellar dust
  • interstellar gases
  • interstellar matter
  • Magellanic clouds
  • magnetism (extraterrestrial)
  • nebulae (astrophysics)
  • novae (astrophysics)
  • nuclear astrophysics
  • physical properties of celestial bodies
  • pulsars (astrophysics)
  • quasars (astrophysics)
  • solar system evolution
  • space plasmas
  • stars (astrophysics)
  • stellar evolution
  • stellar luminosity
  • stellar magnetic fields
  • stellar mass accretion
  • stellar physics
  • stellar systems
  • supernovae (astrophysics)
  • universe