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91 Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration

Includes planetology; selenology; meteorites; comets; craters; and manned and unmanned planetary and lunar flights. For spacecraft design or space stations see 18 Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance.


Lunar Exploration – Scientific investigation of the moon by means of probes or manned or unmanned missions.

Planetary Exploration – Scientific investigation of the planets and their satellites, asteroids and other bodies by means of manned or unmanned missions.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : All facets of lunar and planetary sciences, and manned, unmanned, or remote exploration of planets and their structure, including planets within the solar system or elsewhere within the universe.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • asteroids (characteristics and composition)
  • cis-lunar space environment
  • comet exploration
  • comets (characteristics and composition)
  • craters (extraterrestrial)
  • dwarf planets
  • Earth analogs
  • extraterrestrial roving vehicles
  • flyby missions
  • gas giant planets
  • lunar and planetary resource utilization
  • lunar and planetary resources
  • lunar evolution
  • lunar exploration
  • lunar landing sites
  • lunar mapping
  • lunar photography
  • lunar regolith simulants
  • lunar samples
  • lunar structure
  • manned flights (space exploration)
  • manned lunar exploration
  • manned Mars missions
  • manned planetary exploration
  • Mars exploration
  • meteorites
  • meteoroids
  • meteors
  • moons (characteristics and composition)
  • natural satellites (characteristics and composition)
  • planetary atmospheres
  • planetary evolution
  • planetary exploration
  • planetary mapping
  • planetary motion
  • planetary photography
  • planetary samples
  • planetary satellites (characteristics and composition)
  • planetary structure
  • planetology
  • remote exploration of planets
  • selenography
  • selenology
  • soil sampling and analysis (planetology)
  • solar system bodies
  • tektites
  • terrestrial planets
  • trans-lunar space environment
  • unmanned flights (space exploration)
  • unmanned lunar exploration
  • unmanned planetary exploration