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99 General

Includes aeronautical, astronautical, and space science related histories, biographies, and pertinent reports too broad for categorization; histories or broad overviews of NASA programs such as Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury spacecraft, Earth Resources Technology Satellite (ERTS), and Skylab; NASA appropriations hearings.

NASA Interest

Exhaustive Interest : Histories of NASA programs and missions; biographies of NASA astronauts; NASA appropriations hearings.

Selective Interest : Histories of aeronautics and astronautics; biographies of astronauts, aviation pioneers, pilots and aerospace related scientists; reports on aerospace subjects of such wide coverage and of such broad nature that no predominate or suitable subject category can be found.

Negative Interest : Histories, biographies, or reports that are unrelated to aerospace.


Input Subjects of Specific Interest

  • aeronautical history
  • appropriations hearings (NASA)
  • astronautical history
  • biographies of astronauts, aviation pioneers, pilots, and scientists
  • histories of aeronautics and space programs